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144-core ODU optical fiber distribution frame ODU19T-A1272-A-LC (including 24-core LC fusion integration unit*6)

  • ODU19T-A144-A-LC
  • 144-core ODF sub-frame 5U LC fully configured
  • 2690 (rmb/1 unit)
  • Wire transfer 100%
  • carton
  • Shanghai/Ningbo
  • Fiber Home
  • Wuhan

02_ODF rack-network cabinet-fiber optic cabinet-optical passive components.pdf

---ODU optical fiber distribution frame

The ODU optical fiber distribution frame sub-frame is divided into a fusion-integrated sub-frame and a fusion-split sub-frame according to functions, and is generally installed in an optical fiber distribution frame or a communication cabinet.It is a wiring connection unit between optical cable and optical communication equipment, or between optical communication equipment.

The welding and wiring functions of the fusion-integrated sub-frame are concentrated in the fusion-integrated tray, which adopts a drawer-type structure, and the direction of fiber output can be inclined to the left/right according to different disks, which is easy and safe to operate .

The structure of the sub-frame of the welded separation is flexible, and can be divided into two types: drawer type and rotary type.This series of products has the characteristics of high density, stable performance and wide application range.


●Suitable for 19-inch ODF rack or 21-inch cabinet

●A variety of series meet the application requirements of different scenarios

●Anti-rust material, suitable for different computer room environments

●Easy to operate, easy to manage fiber and wire

●Combined with the same series of FiberHome ODF racks


●Optical distribution frame

●Comprehensive pallet

●Communication cabinet (indoor, outdoor)

●Network cabinet

---12-core/24-core disc fusion-subframe features

The sub-frame can be installed in a 19-inch ODF rack or a 21-inch cabinet

■Welding and wiring - - integration

■Can be configured with 12-core/24-core fusion-integrated disk

■Support 12~144 core splicing and wiring capacity

The front and rear positions of the hanging lugs can be adjusted, and the versatility is strong

■According to the different structure of the incoming cable, different product series can be selected