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32D plug-in optical splitter metal four-slot plug-in optical splitter box outdoor application

  • FDP-MS-32D
  • 32D: four slots, outdoor application
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  • Wire transfer 100%
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  • Shanghai/Ningbo
  • Fiber Home
  • Wuhan

02_ODF rack-network cabinet-fiber optic cabinet-optical passive components.pdf

Plug-in optical splitter box

The card test light splitter box is suitable for FTTH 'thin coverage' application scenarios, which can facilitate user port expansion according to user growth, and can be flexibly adjusted

Optical splitting ratio, to achieve flexible ODN networking.

Fiberhome can provide two kinds of materials, metal and plastic, for plug-in test light splitter box.Fiberhome's plastic plug-in card testing optical splitter box uses imported high-quality ABS/PC plastic alloy materials, which have high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance. It is suitable for FTTH fiber coverage in new and old areas.Beacon plastic light

●The cable distribution box has the following characteristics:

-Beautiful appearance. Neat and standardized internal wiring

- Reasonable power theory. Easy to operate, suitable for installment access users, easy to maintain

- The wiring light environment can be connected by pressing, reducing the number of wiring cable transfers and reducing line loss

- Indoor and outdoor box structure. Convenient for circuit design and construction


Can be installed with two 1x8 or one 1x16 LGX-B plug-in optical splitter

●The introduction of light environment can be pre-terminated or on-site

●Each incoming fiber optic cable has an independent entrance and exit hole

●Supports the divergence of wiring by dragging and connecting

●flame retardant.Anti-UV

●Protection grade: IP64

Plug-in optical splitter box  Plastic universal two-slot plug-in card optical splitter box


●Two 1x8 or one 1x16 LGX-B plug-in optical splitters can be installed

●The incoming optical cable can be pre-terminated or on-site

●Each incoming fiber optic cable has an independent entrance and exit hole

●3 cable holes for wiring

●Support the divergence of wiring cables

Support distribution optical cable upper and lower outlets (for indoor applications)

●Random, anti-ultraviolet

●Protection grade: IP64


●Indoor wall hanging application

●Outdoor wall or pole application

---For other model features, please refer to the PDF file