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China Weigao Transmission-Henan Dadi Cement Co., Ltd. application case

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China Weigao Transmission-Henan Dadi Cement Co., Ltd. application case

Weigao mixer reducer reducer special reducer for cement mixing is a reducer with a spiral bevel gear + planetary gear structure, which has:

1. Use spline structure to drive torque between parts;

2. The planetary gear carrier adopts a floating design to ensure that each gear receives the same load;

3. The box body and the connecting body are made of black cast iron, which has the advantages of high efficiency, low backlash, high torque, impact resistance, etc., which can meet the use of 1.5 cubic to 4 cubic mixers;

Use and maintenance:

1. Before the reducer is officially used, it must be flexibly rotated by hand without jamming, and then run without load for no less than 2 hours. The operation should be stable, without shock, vibration, noise or oil leakage, etc., and troubles should be eliminated in time.

2 The lubricating oil should be replaced after the reducer has been operated for 300 to 600 hours. After that, it will be updated every 1500-5000 hours of operation, which is mainly determined by the working environment, but the longest replacement time should not exceed 18 months. The magnetic oil plug should be cleaned at the same time when changing the oil.

3. During operation, if oil temperature rises suddenly and abnormal noise occurs, stop and check immediately. It can be put into operation again after correcting the fault.


Cement screw reducer factory screw conveyor reducer

1. The reducer is generally used for low-speed and high-torque transmission equipment. The motor, internal combustion engine or other high-speed running power is used to engage the large gear on the output shaft through a gear with a small number of teeth on the input shaft of the reducer.

2. Ordinary reducers will also have several pairs of gears with the same principle to achieve the desired reduction. The ratio of the number of teeth of the large and small gears is the transmission ratio.

3. The reducer is a power transmission mechanism that uses a gear speed converter to reduce the number of revolutions of the motor to the required number of revolutions and obtain a larger torque.






  • Where is your product mainly exported?

    Our products are mainly exported to Japan, the United States, Germany, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Our customers include many OEM customers specializing in construction machinery. We have partnered with several of the Fortune 500 companies to become one of their major foundry suppliers in China.
  • How to provide goods?

    Usually we will ship the goods to the sea. The factory is only 460 kilometers away from the port. It is very convenient and convenient to transport the goods to any other country. Of course, if your cargo is very urgent, Ningbo Airport and Shanghai Airport are also nearby.
  • What is the payment term?

    When we provide you with a quotation, we will negotiate with you: EXW, FCA, FOB, CIF, CRF, DAP Etc. For mass production, you need to pay 30% of the deposit before production and 70% of the balance before shipment. Our most common way is T/T.
  • How to ensure the quality of your products?

    First, we will check after each process. For finished products, according to customer requirements and international standards.
  • How many employees does your company have? What is the relationship between technicians?

    We now have more than 180 employees, including 36 engineers and 28 QCs.
  • What is the ability of your company?

    We have a number of production lines with a monthly production capacity of 1,600 units and an annual production capacity of 20,000 units.

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