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Correct maintenance method of worm gear reducer

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Correct maintenance method of worm gear reducer

1. Ensure assembly quality
In order to ensure the assembly quality, the factory has purchased and made many maintenance tools. When disassembling and reinstalling the worm gear, worm, rolling bearing, transmission gear and other parts of the reducer, it is necessary to avoid direct beating with hammer and other hard tools; When disassembling and replacing the transmission gear, worm gear and worm, the original parts and components and pairs shall be used as far as possible; When assembling the output shaft, the tolerance fit shall be considered, d50mm, H7 / K6, d50mm and H7 / M6 shall be applied. In addition, anti sticking agent or red lead oil shall be applied to protect the hollow shaft, prevent wear and corrosion, prevent the scale of the fitting area, and it is difficult to disassemble during maintenance.
2. Application of industrial lubricants and additives
Worm gear reducers usually use 220# engine oil. For many reducers with heavy load, frequent operation and poor application environment, many lubricating oil additives (such as those of Anzhi chemical company) can also be used. When the reducer terminates operation, the engine oil is still attached to the surface of the transmission gear to form a protective film to prevent heavy load and low speed, Metal to metal contact during high torque and start-up. The additive is also equipped with sealing ring regulator and anti leakage agent, which makes the sealing environment soft and elastic, and effectively reduces the leakage of industrial lubricating oil.
3. Determination of reinstallation position of reducer
If the position permits, vertical reinstallation shall not be used as far as possible. During vertical reinstallation, the addition of industrial lubricating oil is much more than that of horizontal reinstallation, which can easily lead to scalding and oil leakage of the reducer. Some of the 40000 bottles / hour pure draft beer production lines introduced by the factory are installed vertically. After long-time operation, the transmission gears are greatly worn or even damaged. After adjustment, the situation has been greatly improved.
4. Establish corresponding lubrication maintenance management system
The basic maintenance of the reducer shall be well done to ensure that each reducer is regularly maintained by the main person in charge. When the oil temperature rises significantly, the temperature rise is higher than 40 ℃ or the oil temperature is higher than 80 ℃, the quality of the oil decreases, or more copper powder and abnormal noise are detected in the oil, it shall be shut down immediately for repair and troubleshooting, Remove and replace industrial lubricating oil before application. When refueling, the oil quantity and reinstallation position shall be consistent to ensure proper lubrication of the reducer.


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