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Four skills of gear reducer maintenance

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Four skills of gear reducer maintenance

Most people are not unfamiliar with the reducer. The reducer plays the role of matching speed and transmitting torque between the prime mover and the working machine or actuator. It is a relatively precise machine. However, due to the poor working environment of the reducer, faults such as wear and leakage often occur, so how to avoid these faults?
The following four tips for reducer maintenance are recommended.
1. During operation, when the oil temperature rise exceeds 80 ℃ or the oil pool temperature exceeds 100 ℃ and abnormal noise is generated, stop the use, check the causes, eliminate the faults and replace the lubricating oil before continuing the operation.
2. When changing the oil, wait until the reducer cools down and there is no danger of combustion, but keep it warm, because after complete cooling, the viscosity of the oil increases and it is difficult to drain the oil. Note: cut off the power supply of the driving device to prevent inadvertent energization.
3. The oil shall be changed for the first time after 200 ~ 300 hours of operation. The quality of the oil shall be checked regularly in future use. The oil mixed with impurities or deteriorated shall be replaced in time. In general, for the reducer that works continuously for a long time, the new oil shall be replaced according to 5000 hours of operation or once a year. For the reducer that has been out of service for a long time, the new oil shall also be replaced before re operation. The reducer shall be filled with oil of the same brand as the original, and shall not be mixed with oil of different brands. Oil of the same brand but different viscosity is allowed to be mixed.
4. The user shall have reasonable use and maintenance rules and regulations, carefully record the operation of the reducer and the problems found in the inspection, and the above provisions shall be strictly implemented.


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