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GYTA-96B 96-core single-mode aluminum strip longitudinal cladding stranding type (G652D optical fiber) outdoor optical cable

  • GYTA-96B
  • GYTA-96B 96-core single-mode outdoor duct overhead optical cable
  • 12007 (rmb/kw)
  • Wire transfer 100%
  • 2km/wooden disc
  • Shanghai/Ningbo
  • Fiber Home
  • Wuhan

        GYTA aluminum strip longitudinal cladding stranded optical cable; outdoor optical cable for communication with metal strengthening member, loose tube stranded filling type, aluminum-polyethylene bonded sheath;
●Select high-quality optical fiber to ensure that the optical cable has excellent transmission performance
●Precisely control the excess length of the optical fiber to ensure that the optical cable has excellent mechanical and temperature characteristics
●Strict process and raw material control to ensure the stable operation of the optical cable for more than 30 years.
Full cross-section water-blocking structure, double-sided film-coated aluminum tape longitudinally wrapping, to ensure good water-blocking and moisture-proof performance
The loose tube is filled with special ointment for critical protection of the optical fiber
●Central strengthening member adopts corrosion-resistant, high Young's modulus phosphating steel wire
●Scope of application: suitable for long-distance communication and inter-office communication
●Working temperature: -40~ +70°C
●Laying method: pipeline, overhead
●Bending radius: static 10 times the cable diameter, dynamic 20 times the cable diameter.