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GYXTW-6B1 6-core single-mode central tubular optical cable outdoor armored common communication optical cable

  • GYXTW-6B1
  • GYXTW-6B1 6-core outdoor single-mode optical cable
  • 2657 (rmb/km)
  • Wire transfer 100%
  • 2km/wooden disc
  • Shanghai/Ningbo
  • Fiber Home
  • Wuhan

GYXTW central tube optical cable

Outdoor optical fiber cable for communication with loose tube filled core tube and steel-polyethylene bonded sheath with parallel steel wires

---【Conventional GYXTW cable structure and parameters】

●Cable diameter: 9.4(mm)

●Cable weight: 95/(kg/km)

●Allowable tensile force: 1500/600 (short-term/long-term) N

●Allowable crushing force: 1000/300 (short-term/long-term) N/100mm


●Select high-quality optical fiber to ensure that the optical cable has excellent transmission performance

●Precisely control the excess length of the optical fiber to ensure that the optical cable has excellent mechanical and temperature characteristics

●Strict process and raw material control to ensure the stable operation of the optical cable for more than 30 years

●Full cross-section water-blocking structure to ensure good water-blocking and moisture-proof performance

The loose tube is filled with special ointment for critical protection of the optical fiber

●Two parallel round steel wires not only play the role of tension resistance, but also play the role of resistance to lateral pressure, and the mechanical properties of the optical cable are good

The outer diameter of the optical cable is small, the weight is light, the structure is compact and tight, and the bending performance is excellent. The loose tube is located in the physical center of the optical cable, which is convenient for construction and operation


●Scope of application: suitable for long-distance communication and inter-office communication

●Working temperature:--40~ +70*C

Bending radius: static 10 times the cable diameter, dynamic 20 times the cable diameter


1. According to customer requirements, optical cables with longitudinal color stripe marks on the outer sheath can be provided (see GYTA structure sample diagram and Remark 2).

2. For special structural optical cables, it can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.