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Gear reducer motor by changing what to achieve deceleration?

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Many motor users often ask about the need for a decelerable reduction motor. What is the change of gear reducer motor to achieve deceleration? Xiaobian feels that before answering this question, it is necessary to clarify what kind of motor can realize the function of deceleration.

Gear reducer motor

In fact, motors are divided into fixed speed motors and gear reducer motors.

Constant speed motor Gu Mingsi suggests that the speed is fixed and immutable, which is determined by the principle when designing the motor, so the constant speed motor cannot realize deceleration. The gear reducer motor can change the original speed of the motor. For example, the motor of Yongkun company is taken as an example, the motor that can reduce speed is the small series of micro gear reducer motor in AC; Medium series three-phase asynchronous motor; Gear reduction motor. Brushless DC motor in direct current.

Small micro gear reducer motors generally use reducers to reduce speed. It is the simplest way for small motors to decelerate by using a reducer, that is, connect the motor lines of the same color with the reducer lines of the same color, then connect the power supply, and then manually decelerate. There is a speed ratio of 10-90 on the surface of the reducer, which can be manually adjusted to be fast or slow by turning left or right according to the speed demand. However, only small motors with deceleration function and motor power below 200W can be decelerated by reducer. If it is a high-power motor, it must be decelerated in other ways.

Medium series three-phase asynchronous motors and gear motors generally use frequency converters to reduce speed. There are corresponding knobs or buttons on the frequency converter. Just adjust the frequency of the frequency converter to change the speed of the motor. The corresponding principle is:

According to the speed formula of the motor: n= (1-s) *60f/p, where:

N--- motor speed

S --- slip rate of motor

F--- power frequency

P -- number of motor poles

The frequency can be adjusted outside the motor and then supplied to the motor, so that the rotation speed of the motor can be freely controlled. Therefore, the frequency converter with the purpose of controlling the frequency is the preferred equipment as the motor deceleration equipment. Using the frequency converter to change the frequency of the power supply for deceleration, the deceleration range is large, the stability and smoothness are good, and the mechanical characteristics are strong.

Brushless DC motor in DC is decelerated by encoder. Brushless DC motor is usually equipped with corresponding driver. Changing the output voltage of the driver can control the speed of the motor. Brushless motor decelerates by adjusting waveform, with stable torque and low voltage operation.

Therefore, different types of motors have different deceleration modes, which should be differentiated


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