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Hard tooth reducer is a kind of industrial equipment with relatively precise machining

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Hard tooth reducer is a kind of industrial equipment with relatively precise machining

Hard tooth surface reducer hard tooth surface reducer is a kind of relatively precision industrial equipment. Its purpose is to reduce the transmission ratio and improve the torque. It can be used in the geographical environment where the transmission ratio of high-speed shaft does not exceed 1500 rpm, the circular speed of transmission gear of transmission system does not exceed 20 m / s, and the operating temperature is - 40 ℃ - 45 ℃, The transmission gear of the transmission system of the hard tooth surface reducer is made of high wear-resistant green environmental protection alloy steel after high-frequency quenching and tempering. The compressive strength of the motor shaft is high. The transmission gears of the transmission system are made of CNC lathe grinding technology, which is high precision, good touch, high efficiency of the transmission device, stable operation and low noise; Small size, light net weight, long service life and high bearing capacity; It is beneficial to maintenance and installation.
The advantage of hard tooth surface reducer is that the scheme design of transmission gear of transmission system is carried out in two aspects: the pressure of shaft sleeve neck of transmission system and the tensile strength of transmission gear, which greatly improves the compressive strength and accuracy of transmission gear of transmission system, which can greatly reduce the net weight of reducer and promote the miniaturization of reducer, In addition, the characteristics of the reducer have also been greatly improved, and the efficiency of the transmission device is high, which has been improved by a level. On the other hand, it greatly reduces the direct cost of customer maintenance and repair. With the continuous development trend of gear processing specialty and the application of computer scheme design, the professional development trend of transmission devices all over the world tends to choose hard tooth surface gear transmission devices.
Reducer is a kind of driving force transmission organization, which uses the transmission gear rate converter to reduce the speed of the motor to the desired speed and obtain the organization with large torque. Most of them can be seen on every kind of gear train software. The reducer has the function of reducing speed and increasing torque. Therefore, it is widely used in speed and torque conversion machines and equipment. Repair the damaged rolling bearing cavity of the reducer of the reducer. When the pedestal bearing and rolling bearing cavity of the reducer of the rolling bearing are subject to axial impact under light load low speed gear, light load high speed high torque starting and vibration impact of machinery and equipment, and the rolling bearing cavity or rolling bearing parts cause brittle fracture and permanent deformation, The inner hole of the rolling bearing has a transitional fit with the shaft or the outer side of the rolling bearing and the rolling bearing cavity, resulting in relative speed and damage. Once this problem occurs, it will seriously endanger the normal production and manufacturing of machinery and equipment. If the rolling bearing chamber of the reducer is damaged, the cost of component replacement will increase and the production time will be long. The general maintenance method is disassembly and assembly of electric welding, production and processing after welding, boring and inserting steam insulation pipe, which takes time and effort, and the price is relatively expensive. The excellent physical properties and excellent plastic deformation of fiber materials properly deal with this problem, greatly shorten the maintenance time of machinery and equipment, ensure the great economic value of the company, and ensure the normal operation of machinery and equipment.


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