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How should the reducer be designed as a whole

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How should the reducer be designed as a whole

The design of reducer is very important. Only a reasonably designed reducer can better meet the habits of users in use. Today, Xiaobian will take you to know the design knowledge of reducer.

1、 Original data and data of design

1. Type, specification, speed, power (or torque), starting characteristics, short-time overload capacity, moment of inertia, etc. of prime mover.

2. Type, specification, purpose, speed, power (or torque) of working machinery. Working system: constant load or variable load, load diagram of variable load; Starting, braking and short-time overload torque, starting frequency; Degree of impact and vibration; Rotation direction, etc.

3. The connection mode between the prime mover and the reducer, and whether the shaft extension has radial force and axial force.

4. Installation type (relative position of reducer, prime mover and working machine, vertical and horizontal).

5. Transmission ratio and its allowable error.

6. Requirements for size and weight.

7. Requirements for service life, safety and reliability.

8. Environmental conditions such as ambient temperature, dust concentration, air velocity and pH; Lubrication and cooling conditions (whether there is circulating water and lubrication station) and restrictions on vibration and noise.

9. Requirements for operation and control.

10. Source and inventory of materials, blanks and standard parts.

11. Manufacturing capacity of the manufacturer.

12. Requirements for batch, cost and price.

13. Delivery time.

The first four above are necessary conditions. Other aspects can be designed according to the conventional design. For example, the design life is generally! "Years. When used in important occasions, the reliability should be high.

2、 Select the type and installation type of reducer

3、 Preliminarily determine various process methods and parameters

Select the performance level, preliminarily determine the materials, heat treatment process, finishing method, lubrication method and lubricating oil of gears and main parts.

4、 Determine the number of transmission stages

According to the total transmission ratio, determine the transmission stages and transmission ratios at all levels.

5、 Initial geometric parameters

Preliminary calculation of gear transmission center distance (or pitch diameter), modulus and other geometric parameters.

6、 Overall scheme design of reducer

Determine the structure, shaft size, span and bearing model of the reducer.

7、 School

Check the strength of load parts such as gears, shafts and keys, and calculate the service life of bearings.

8、 Lubrication cooling calculation

9、 Determine the accessories of the reducer

10、 Determine gear carburizing depth

If necessary, calculate the process data such as tooth profile and tooth direction modification.

11、 Preparation of construction drawings

Relevant national and industrial standards shall be implemented in the design.


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