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How to deal with the surface damage of planetary gear reducer?

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How to deal with the surface damage of planetary gear reducer?

The planetary reducer has 6 large gear contact surfaces with 360 degree uniform load. Multiple tooth surfaces uniformly accept the instantaneous impact load together, which can accept higher torsional impact, and the main bearing parts will not be damaged or broken due to high load.
The gear of planetary reducer has small volume and light weight. In the planning of traditional gear reducer design, multiple sets of large and fine gears are offset alternately to drive the system to reduce speed, because the reduction ratio is twice the number of two different gears, the size of the gears is the meshing relationship, and there must be a certain interval between them, so the gearbox contains a large space, In particular, when the combination of high-speed ratio needs to be combined by two or more reduction gear boxes below, the relative capacity required by the strength of structural materials is weakened, and the length of teeth can be lengthened, resulting in some huge volumes and parts.
At present, planetary gear reducer has been widely used. It should be noted that the surface of planetary gear reducer is easy to be damaged during operation. What should we do at this time?
1. The bearing is severely worn, overloaded or impacted, resulting in deformation or slight bending of the bearing of the planetary gear reducer, which will cause the rotor to sweep the inner hole. The result of the scanning chamber is that the surface of the core is scratched, the core is worn, and the winding shell is burned.
2. The silicon steel sheet at the worn part of the iron core is annealed due to friction overheating, resulting in the decrease of the permeability of the silicon steel sheet. If it is not treated in time, the eddy current will increase with the aging of the insulation of the iron core of the planetary gear reducer, resulting in the increase of the temperature rise of the planetary gear reducer, resulting in the overheating or even burning of the micromotor.
3. When the winding insulation burns the iron core surface through short circuit or arc, it is often uneven, which will not only affect the normal operation of planetary gear reducer, but also lead to short circuit between silicon steel sheets and increase eddy current in the iron core.


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