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  • Teach you to distinguish the authenticity of reducer lubricating oil


    With the increasing application of planetary gear reducer in various industries, there are huge business opportunities in the lubricating oil market. Some illegal manufacturers have bad ideas and sell fake lubricating oil to buyers. Therefore, the planetary gear reducer manufacturer teaches you to d Read More

  • Why does the lubricating grease of the reducer lose in use?


    Planetary gear reducers, hard-tooth gear reducers, three-ring gear reducers and other products are most commonly used. Therefore, the lubrication work is also very important, and the selection of lubricating grease is also very important. Only by doing these work well can we ensure the efficient ope Read More

  • Application of Planetary Reducer in CNC Machine Tool Industry


    It is well known that the transmission sources of CNC machine tools are all servo electric motors. With the progress of industry, electric motors have been innovating in the direction of precision, high efficiency, simple control and so on. Mechanical matching has also advanced from traditional scre Read More

  • Installation and lubrication of cylindrical gear reducer


    1、 Installation1. Generally, cylindrical gear reducer shall be installed on the horizontal plane with a gradient of no more than 10 °. If the gradient is greater than 10 ° due to special needs, please contact our company before use to discuss relevant matters.2. When the input shaft and output shaft Read More

  • Treatment of oil leakage of planetary reducer


    Oil leakage of planetary reducer is a common problem, which will increase the cost of enterprises in the long run, cause equipment damage, and easily cause some production accidents. Therefore, it is also very important to reduce the leakage of planetary reducer. What are the treatment methods for o Read More

  • Introduction to micro planetary gear reducer


    In the micro machine, not only the micro transmission device that can transmit power - micro planetary gear reducer is needed, but also the micro planetary gear reducer with its own power drive device is needed. In other words, the micro machine needs a compact gear transmission device composed of a Read More

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