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ODF101-576-A4-SC ODF optical fiber distribution frame (576-core floor-standing all include 12-core SC fusion integrated unit) with fiber storage unit)

  • ODF101-576-A4-SC
  • 576 cores, including the main frame, all of which include 12 cores, SC bundled pigtails and adapters, including fiber storage boxes
  • 14989 (rmb/1 unit)
  • Wire transfer 100%
  • carton
  • Shanghai/Ningbo
  • Fiber Home
  • Wuhan

02_ODF rack-network cabinet-fiber optic cabinet-optical passive components.pdf

---ODF1 series fusion integrated optical fiber distribution frame (full configuration includes SC/UPC 12-core bundle pigtail and SC/UPC adapter)

ODF1 series optical fiber distribution frame is a series of optical fiber distribution frames that integrate optical fiber fusion splicing and wiring. It adopts 12-core fusion-integrated modules and has

Large, high-density features.The capacity, connectoradapter type can be flexibly configured according to user needs.The rack provides cable fixation and protection, optical

The functions of fiber splicing, fiber adjustment and jumper storage can also be equipped with a tray splitter to meet the optical splitting function.


●Indoor floor or wall installation

●Connect the jumper fiber and backbone fiber optic cable from the side of the central office equipment

●Full front operation mode, fully enclosed structure

●Removable back panel for easy back-to-back management

●Full modular design, using 12-core fusion splicing wiring - -integrated module

●Enough fiber wiring space to ensure the bending radius of the fiber

●The fiber inlet and fiber outlet routes are separated without interfering with each other

Can install spectroscopic module (fully compatible with fusion-body module installation size)


There are fiber inlet holes on the top and bottom of the rack, and cables can be routed up and down

Optical Fiber Access Network Central Office

Intelligent Building

Central computer room


Applicable fiber optic cable types: trunk fiber optic cable, east-shaped single-core fiber optic cable or multi-core ribbon fiber optic cable

Configuration: 12-core fusion integrated tray

color: gray

Material: anti-rust plate, suitable for the working environment of the computer room

Working temperature: -25C ~ +55C

---Main frame body

serial number model installation method Maximum capacity (core) Number of splicing trays storage unit
Dimensions (mm)
1 ODF101-864-A1 Floor type 864 72 / 2600×840×300
2 ODF101-720-A2 Floor type 720 60 / 2200×840×300
3 ODF101-576-A3 Floor type 576 48 / 2000×840×300
4 ODF101-576-A4 Floor type 576 48 4 2600×840×300
5 ODF101-504-A5 Floor type 504 42 3 2200×840×300
6 ODF101-288-A6 Floor type 288 24 4 2000×840×300
7 ODF101-144-A7 Floor type 144 12 / 700×840×300

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