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On line treatment of oil leakage of reducer

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On line treatment of oil leakage of reducer

The oil leakage of reducer is common, and the roots cannot be removed. According to the selection of soray carbon nanotechnology polymer raw materials, most of the controllable reducers can control the oil leakage condition, increase the service life of the reducers, and ensure the excellent and stable operation of the production line equipment.
Let's analyze and understand the cause of oil leakage in the reducer
1. The working pressure in the automobile oil tank rises
In the closed reducer, the friction generated by the meshing of each pair of transmission gears will transfer heat. With the extension of operation time, the temperature in the reducer box will rise slowly, and the volume in the reducer box will not change. Therefore, with the increase of working pressure in the box, the lubricating grease of the box body will be splashed out and sprinkled on the inner cavity of the deceleration main box. Because the water permeability of the oil is relatively strong, under the working pressure in the box, the oil will seep from where the sealing is not tight.
2. The overall design of reducer is unscientific, resulting in oil leakage
If the reducer in the design scheme has no ventilation hood, the reducer cannot complete pressure equalization, resulting in higher and higher working pressure in the box and oil leakage.
3. Too much oil
During the whole operation process of the reducer, the oil pool is stirred badly, and the lubricating grease splashes around the body. If the oil quantity is too much, a lot of lubricating grease will accumulate at the sealing and fusion surface of the water pump, resulting in leakage.
4. Poor maintenance and processing technology
During the maintenance of machinery and equipment, oil leakage will also be caused due to incomplete elimination of waste on the fusion surface, improper use of sealant, reverse orientation of hydraulic seals, and failure to replace hydraulic seals immediately.
Secondly, what do you think about the remediation plan for the oil leakage of the reducer?
1. Pressure equalizing
The oil leakage of the reducer is mainly caused by the increase of the working pressure of the box body. Therefore, the reducer shall be provided with a relative ventilation hood to complete the pressure equalization. The ventilation hood can not be very small. A simpler inspection method is to open the top cover of the ventilation hood, and touch the ventilation hole with your hand after the reducer runs at high speed for five minutes. When you feel that the pressure difference is very large, it indicates that the ventilation hood is small, so it should be enlarged or raised.
2. Smooth flow
Make the oil sprinkled on the inner cavity of the shell flow to the oil pool as soon as possible, and do not retain it at the sealing place of the shaft head, so as to prevent the oil from leaching slowly along the shaft head. If there is a skeleton seal ring in the design scheme of the shaft head of the reducer, or stick a half round groove at the shaft head where the top cover of the reducer is located, so that the oil splashed on the top cover flows into the lower box along both sides of the half round groove.
3. Improve the sealing structure of water pump
(1) The water pump seal of the reducer with the output shaft as the transmission shaft is improved; The output shaft of the reducer of most machinery and equipment such as belt conveyor, screw unloader and impeller coal feeder is the transmission shaft, which is convenient for renewal and transformation. Disassemble the reducer, remove the coupling, remove the water pump seal bearing end cover of the reducer, turn the production and processing groove on both sides of the original bearing end cover according to the skeleton sealing specification of supporting facilities, and install the skeleton seal, with the side with spring yellow inward. During reassembly, if the bearing end cover is 35 mm above the inner hole on the inner side of the coupling, a reserved skeleton seal can be used on the shafts on both sides of the bearing end cover. Once the skeleton seal is invalid, the damaged skeleton seal can be removed and the reserved skeleton seal can be sent to the bearing end cover, so as to save the time-consuming and laborious process processes such as disintegrating the reducer and dismantling the coupling.
(2) The water pump seal of the reducer whose output shaft is the whole shaft is improved; The output shaft of the reducer of the whole shaft transmission system has no coupling. If it is updated and transformed according to the plan (1), the amount of labor is very impractical. In order to reduce the labor and simplify the program installation, a rational number bearing end cover is designed, and the open mouth skeleton seal is tried. The production and processing grooves on both sides of the rational bearing end cover can be cut. When installing the skeleton seal, first remove the spring yellow, saw off the skeleton seal in an open mouth shape, seal the oil sleeve on the shaft from the interface, connect the opening with adhesive, the opening is upward, then install the spring yellow, and send it into the bearing end cover.
4. Soray carbon nanotechnology polymer raw materials are repaired on the spot
Soray industrial production has carried out experimental scientific and technological research on the water leakage of reducer by integrating international commodities, and now has already produced a set of standardized solutions. It can immediately rectify the oil leakage on the mating surface from the water leakage position without shutdown. The applied metal material high polymer raw materials have excellent adhesion, wear resistance and 350% elongation, which can quickly repair the water leakage position. In addition, it can overcome the harm caused by the vibration of the reducer, save cost, and the actual effect is effective immediately, showing a new and upgraded repair method for the company to deal with the oil leakage of the reducer.
Finally, Z would like to appreciate the example photos of soray carbon nanotechnology high polymer raw materials online treating the oil leakage of reducer
Sew large reducer, model and specification m3rhf90; Oil leakage from the fusion surface of the shaft synchronous motor and the anchor bolt hole. Previously, the company used specific methods such as removing and replacing the sealing gasket and tightening the anchor bolt to deal with the water leakage, which was time-consuming and laborious, and the actual effect was not ideal, which still led to problems and potential safety hazards such as product oil consumption, air pollution and safety.


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