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SC/UPC fiber optic splice field connector

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02_ODF rack-network cabinet-fiber optic cabinet-optical passive components.pdf

field connector

The field connector is a kind of optical fiber active connector that can be directly terminated at the construction site, and is the best choice for introducing optical cable construction.According to the scene

The methods can be divided into mechanical field connectors and hot melt field connectors.The field connector has a wide range of application scenarios, and the operation is quick and easy, saving

Installation time, fully compatible with standard SC/FC fiber optic connectors/adapters, which can improve the efficiency of user installation.


●Field-assembled connectors on fiber optic or cable jackets

●Simple assembly, no special tools required

●On-site detection whether the connection is successful

●Built-in optical fiber, factory pre-polished end face

---For other model features, please refer to the PDF file