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Shanghai Jiamai reducer specialty tells the skills of installing reducer

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Shanghai Jiamai reducer specialty tells the skills of installing reducer

Shanghai Jiamai reducer major tells the skills of installing reducer. There are unique methods and skills to install the reducer. How can we install the reducer effectively? Only effective installation can be used correctly, and the installation method is very particular. What matters need to be paid attention to during installation are our common concerns. The following are the correct methods and skills for installing the reducer.
1、 The reducer can be calibrated with steel cushion block or cast iron cushion block. The cushion block shall not exceed three in height, or with wedge iron. However, the flat cushion block shall be replaced after the reducer is calibrated, and the attention points for reducer selection.
2、 When installing the reducer on the foundation, for R series helical gear hard tooth surface reducer, first calibrate the installation centerline elevation of the reducer, and configure the levelness and relevant dimensions of its connected parts.
3、 For the installation method of cycloid reducer, belt pulley, coupling, sprocket and other connecting parts must be installed on the output shaft, and direct hammering is not allowed when installing these connecting parts. The installation method of installing reducer is worm gear reducer, because the output shaft structure of cycloid reducer can not bear axial hammering force. K series spiral bevel gear reducer, Therefore, when installing, screw in the screw hole at the shaft end and press in the connector.
4、 The eyebolt on the reducer is only used for lifting the reducer.
5、 The irrigation in the cement slurry of the reducer shall be dense, and the installation shall be free of bubbles, voids and other defects.
6、 The configuration of the reducer cushion block shall avoid causing body deformation. It shall be arranged symmetrically on both sides of the foundation bolt, and the distance between them shall be enough to make the water slurry flow freely during irrigation. Attention points for reducer selection. The concentricity of the calibrated moving shaft shall not exceed the allowable range of the coupling.
7、 Gb1568-79 is selected to match the shaft diameter of output shaft and input shaft of reducer.
The installation of the reducer is basically the problem to be described above. Of course, there may be different points for attention in the installation of different reducers. In particular, we must be careful about the calibration of the reducer. Only after calibration can it be used more smoothly. If you have any other questions about how to install the reducer, please call Shanghai Jiamai reducer group.


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