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Testing principle and method of mechanical efficiency of planetary reducer

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Testing principle and method of mechanical efficiency of planetary reducer

The mechanical power of planetary reducer is the main data to be obtained by the system. The calculation method is as follows. The output power of the planetary reducer is divided by the input power of the planetary reducer to obtain the power of the planetary reducer. The mechanical power of planetary reducer is calculated as follows:
Methods: according to gb6404 rules, install a sound level meter at 1m of the separated planetary reducer housing, and test under additional speed and load to find the maximum sound test data. The level gauge evaluates the function of the planetary reducer. The noise shall not be greater than 60dB.
Test principle to calculate the temperature rise of Harmonic Planetary reducer, it is necessary to test the ambient temperature and planetary reducer temperature. According to the working environment requirements of Harmonic Planetary reducer: - 40-55 ℃; Therefore, the test should be carried out at two extreme temperatures (i.e. high temperature and low temperature). The environmental test is carried out in the temperature control box. Thermistor is selected for temperature measurement.
Connect the thermistor lead to the data collection card. After programming with LabVIEW software, the data collected by the data acquisition card will be scaled and converted into temperature signal. Digital display and waveform generation are performed on the front panel. After all, you can get average, peak and real-time temperature waveforms of ambient temperature and reductant temperature.
The test method is to stick the thermistor on the incubator, use the test data as the ambient temperature, place the thermistor on the planetary reducer housing, and use the test data as the planetary reducer temperature. During normal no-load start, it needs to be maintained at - 40 ° C for 2 hours. Under the condition of 55 ° C, it can work normally for about 2 hours with additional speed and additional load, and its heat balance temperature does not exceed 100 ° C (temperature rise of 45 ° C).


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