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What is the difference between planetary reducer, RV reducer and harmonic reducer?

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What is the difference between planetary reducer, RV reducer and harmonic reducer?

1. Planetary reducer is an industrial product. Planetary reducer is a kind of transmission mechanism. The structure is closely connected with the gear box housing through the inner ring. In the center of the gear ring is a sun gear driven by an external power. There is a planetary gear set in the middle, consisting of three gears evenly assembled on a tray. This set of planetary gears floats on the output shaft, inner ring and sun gear. When the power on the input side drives the solar gear, it can drive the planetary gear to rotate along the orbit of the inner ring and revolve around the center. The rotation of the planet drives the output shaft connected to the tray to output power. The planetary reducer is small and easy to install and can handle most applications. Planetary reducer low noise, will not produce large working noise; Planetary reducer is widely used for nausea, output end and input end can be customized according to need; High accuracy of structural samples. According to the precision requirement and output of the planetary reducer, it can be seen that the planetary reducer is economical.

2.RV transmission is a new type of transmission, is developed on the basis of the traditional pendulum planetary transmission. It not only overcomes the shortcomings of the general pendulum transmission, but also has a series of advantages such as small size, light weight, large transmission ratio range, long service life, stable accuracy, high efficiency, smooth transmission and so on. More and more attention at home and abroad. RV reducer is composed of cycloid pin wheel and planetary bracket. Because of its small size, strong impact resistance, large torque, high positioning accuracy, small vibration, large reduction ratio and other advantages, it is widely used in industrial robots, machine tools, medical testing equipment, satellite receiving system and other fields. RV reducer is widely used in many countries in the world for high precision robot drive. Therefore, this RV reducer has the development trend of replacing harmonic reducer step by step in advanced robot drive.

3. The harmonic reducer is mainly composed of three basic parts: wave generator, flexible gear and rigid gear. Harmonic drive reducer is a kind of gear transmission which relies on wave generator to make flexible gear produce controllable elastic deformation and transfer motion and power with rigid gear. The transmission structure of harmonic reducer consists of three basic parts: rigid wheel with fixed inner gear, flexible wheel and wave generator which deforms the flexible wheel in radial direction. Harmonic reducer is a wave generator composed of rigid wheel with fixed inner teeth, flexible wheel and radial deformation of flexible wheel. It has the advantages of high precision and large bearing capacity. Compared with the ordinary reducer, due to the use of less material, its volume and weight are reduced accordingly.

Planetary reducer, RV reducer, harmonic reducer working principle is different, different transmission mode, different application industry.


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