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Case analysis of gear failure of worm gear reducer

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Case analysis of gear failure of worm gear reducer

The worm gear reducer is the primary equipment of the binding machine. In order to better promote the smooth operation of the extruder worm gear reducer, we need to pay high attention to the maintenance of the spline shaft teeth in the connection of the transmission system. However, from the current situation, the spline shaft teeth of the low-speed shaft of the worm gear reducer are prone to wear during operation, which not only endangers the conventional production and manufacturing, but also speeds up the service life of the worm gear reducer. According to this, in the following contents, the wear condition of spline shaft teeth of low-speed shaft of worm gear reducer and its relevant maintenance countermeasures will be deeply analyzed with specific examples, which is expected to give vital practical value to relevant personnel.
To put it bluntly, the essence of worm gear reducer is an organization with driving force, which mainly includes motor, gas turbine and other high-speed power systems. Depending on the power system on the worm gear reducer, the speed of the operating equipment can be reduced. In general, during the operation, the output power of the worm gear reducer must be formulated in advance in the production process. Under the condition of no heavy and extra large, the output power is generally not easy to change. In this case, if the speed is increased, the torque will continue to decrease; If the speed is reduced, the corresponding thrust will increase. According to the specific situation, it is found that some manufacturing enterprises intend to increase torque in order to better achieve the goal of mass production, relying on the effect of worm gear reducer to promote the motor to improve the running speed.
The reasons for the wear of worm gear reducer gears can be solved from the following aspects. First, the spline shaft teeth have not been fully maintained for a long time, and the problem of less oil causes the problem of wear of worm gear reducer gears; Second, if in the daily operation of the worm gear reducer gear, a trace of metal material debris is added to the lubricating grease, it will also be the direct cause of the wear problem; Third, in the manufacturing process of some worm gear reducers, due to the lack of effective manufacturing raw materials, there will be wear problems in the production process. In addition, for the worm gear reducer, if the gear engagement and fitness precision of the worm gear reducer are not strictly managed, it will also cause wear problems.
In order to better deal with the problem of gear wear of worm gear reducer, the key is to take the following preventive measures. Worm gear reducer 1, promote the continuous improvement of the strength of the surface layer of the gear of the worm gear reducer, promote the surface layer of the gear of the worm gear reducer to be smooth and smooth, and reduce the wear condition; Worm gear reducer II can promote the clean cleaning of lubricating grease and its equipment from beginning to end during the operation of worm gear reducer gear, and can also add anti-wear chemicals to the lubricating grease. This magnetic chemical can be used to absorb the alloy chemicals in the lubricating grease, as long as the chemical substances of metal materials in the lubricating grease are continuously reduced, It is an important measure to prevent the gear wear of worm gear reducer.


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