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HB series flange mounted gearbox-B3SH10-56-A

  • HB series flange mounted high precision heavy

  • $ 2330 ~ $ 35100

  • 1 item

  • 30 days (1-300 pieces)

  • 10

  • 30 days (300 pieces)

  • wire transfer

  • Standard export plywood box

  • Ningbo / Shanghai Port

  • One year

  • WGT

  • Zhejiang, China


Characteristics of HB series standard industrial gearbox:
B series helical gear bevel gear reducer
BOOK.pngelectronic content    BOOK5.pngPDF catalog

2. Realize parallel axis, orthogonal axis, vertical and horizontal universal cabinets, with fewer parts and more specifications.

3. Adopt suction box structure, large cabinet surface area, large fan, cylindrical gear and spiral bevel gear adopt advanced grinding technology, which improves temperature rise, reduces noise and improves the reliability of the whole machine. Increased power.

4. Input mode: motor coupling flange, shaft input.

5. Output mode: solid shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with expansion joint, hollow shaft with spline joint, solid shaft with spline joint and solid shaft with flange joint.

6. Installation method: horizontal, vertical, swing base, torsion arm.

7.H, B series products have 3 to 26 specifications, deceleration transmission stages are 1 to 4, speed ratio is 1.25 to 450; the combination of our R, K, S series has a larger speed ratio.

Technical Parameters:

1. Speed ratio range 1.25-450

2. Torque range 2.6-900kN

3. Power range 4-5000kW

product description

High modular design, with independent intellectual property rights.
The German worm gear is used to process the worm gear.
Through special gear geometry, it has high torque, high efficiency and long life cycle.
It can realize the direct combination of two sets of gearboxes.
Installation method: foot installation, flange installation, torque arm installation.
Output shaft: solid shaft, hollow shaft.

Main application industries

Chemical and Environmental Protection
metal processing
Building Construction
Agriculture and food
Textile and leather
Forest and paper
Car wash machinery

product data
Shell material Cast iron / ductile iron
Shell hardness HBS190-240
Gear material 20CrMnTi alloy steel
Gear surface hardness HRC58 ° ~ 62 °
Gear core hardness HRC33 ~ 40
Input / output shaft material 42CrMo alloy steel
Input / output shaft hardness HRC25 ~ 30
Gear machining accuracy Precision grinding, level 6 ~ 5
lubricating oil GB L-CKC220-460, Shell withstand voltage 220-460
Heat treatment Tempering, carburizing, quenching, etc.
effectiveness 94% ~ 96% (depending on the transmission stage)
Noise (maximum) 60 ~ 68dB
Temperature rise (MAX) 40 ° C
Temperature rise (oil) (maximum) 50 ° C
vibration ≤20um
Recoil ≤20Arcmin
Bearing brand Chinese brand bearings, HRB / LYC / ZWZ / C & U. Or other brands requested, SKF, FAG, INA, NSK.
Oil seal brand NAK --- Taiwan or other brand requirements

HB series reducer has the following models:

H1SH  H1SH3  H1SH4  H1SH5  H1SH6  H1SH7  H1SH8  H1SH9  H1SH10  H1SH11  H1SH13  H1SH14  H1SH15  H1SH16 H1SH17  H1SH18  H1SH19

H2SH4  H2SH5  H2SH6  H2SH7  H2SH8  H2SH9  H2SH10  H2SH11  H2SH12  H2SH13  H2SH14  H2SH15  H2SH16  H2SH17 H2SH18  H2SH19  H2SH20  H2SH21  H2SH22  H2SH23  H2SH24  H2SH25  H2SH26

H2HH4  H2HH5  H2HH6  H2HH7  H2HH8  H2HH9  H2HH10  H2HH11  H2HH12  H2HH13  H2HH14  H2HH15  H2HH16  H2HH17 H2HH18  H2HH19  H2HH20  H2HH21  H2HH22  H2HH23  H2HH24  H2HH25  H2HH26

H2DH4  H2DH5  H2DH6  H2DH7  H2DH8  H2DH9  H2DH10  H2DH11  H2DH12  H2DH13  H2DH14  H2DH15  H2DH16  H2DH17 H2DH18  H2DH19  H2DH20  H2DH21  H2DH22  H2DH23  H2DH24  H2DH25  H2DH26

H3SH5  H3SH6  H3SH7  H3SH8  H3SH9  H3SH10  H3SH11  H3SH12  H3SH13  H3SH14  H3SH15  H3SH16  H3SH17  H3SH18 H3SH19  H3SH20  H3SH21  H3SH22  H3SH23  H3SH24  H3SH25  H3SH26

H3HH5  H3HH6  H3HH7  H3HH8  H3HH9  H3HH10  H3HH11  H3HH12  H3HH13  H3HH14  H3HH15  H3HH16  H3HH17  H3HH18 H3HH19  H3HH20  H3HH21  H3HH22  H3HH23  H3HH24  H3HH25  H3HH26

H3DH5  H3DH6  H3DH7  H3DH8  H3DH9  H3DH10  H3DH11  H3DH12  H3DH13  H3DH14  H3DH15  H3DH16  H3DH17  H3DH18 H3DH19  H3DH20  H3DH21  H3DH22  H3DH23  H3DH24  H3DH25  H3DH26

H4SH7  H4SH8  H4SH9  H4SH10  H4SH11  H4SH12  H4SH13  H4SH14  H4SH15  H4SH16  H4SH17  H4SH18  H4SH19  H4SH20 H4SH21  H4SH22  H4SH23  H4SH24  H4SH25  H4SH26

H4HH7  H4HH8  H4HH9  H4HH10  H4HH11  H4HH12  H4HH13  H4HH14  H4HH15  H4HH16  H4HH17  H4HH18  H4HH19  H4HH20 H4HH21  H4HH22  H4HH23  H4HH24  H4HH25  H4HH26

H4DH7  H4DH8  H4DH9  H4DH10  H4DH11  H4DH12  H4DH13  H4DH14  H4DH15  H4DH16  H4DH17  H4DH18  H4DH19  H4DH20 H4DH21  H4DH22  H4DH23  H4DH24  H4DH25  H4DH26

B2SH4  B2SH5  B2SH6  B2SH7  B2SH8  B2SH9  B2SH10  B2SH11  B2SH12  B2SH13  B2SH14  B2SH15  B2SH16  B2SH17  B2SH18

B2HH4  B2HH5  B2HH6  B2HH7  B2HH8  B2HH9  B2HH10  B2HH11  B2HH12  B2HH13  B2HH14  B2HH15  B2HH16  B2HH17  B2HH18

B2DH4  B2DH5  B2DH6  B2DH7  B2DH8  B2DH9  B2DH10  B2DH11  B2DH12  B2DH13  B2DH14  B2DH15  B2DH16  B2DH17  B2DH18

B3SH4  B3SH5  B3SH6  B3SH7  B3SH8  B3SH9  B3SH10  B3SH11  B3SH12  B3SH13  B3SH14  B3SH15  B3SH16  B3SH17  B3SH18  B3SH19  B3SH20  B3SH21  B3SH22  B3SH23  B3SH24  B3SH25  B3SH26

B3HH4  B3HH5  B3HH6  B3HH7  B3HH8  B3HH9  B3HH10  B3HH11  B3HH12  B3HH13  B3HH14  B3HH15  B3HH16  B3HH17  B3HH18  B3HH19  B3HH20  B3HH21  B3HH22  B3HH23  B3HH24  B3HH25  B3HH26

B3DH4  B3DH5  B3DH6  B3DH7  B3DH8  B3DH9  B3DH10  B3DH11  B3DH12  B3DH13  B3DH14  B3DH15  B3DH16  B3DH17  B3DH18  B3DH19  B3DH20  B3DH21  B3DH22  B3DH23  B3DH24  B3DH25  B3DH26

B4SH5  B4SH6  B4SH7  B4SH8  B4SH9  B4SH10  B4SH11  B4SH12  B4SH13  B4SH14  B4SH15  B4SH16  B4SH17  B4SH18  B4SH19  B4SH20  B4SH21  B4SH22  B4SH23  B4SH24  B4SH25  B4SH26

B4HH5  B4HH6  B4HH7  B4HH8  B4HH9  B4HH10  B4HH11  B4HH12  B4HH13  B4HH14  B4HH15  B4HH16  B4HH17  B4HH18  B4HH19  B4HH20  B4HH21  B4HH22  B4HH23  B4HH24  B4HH25  B4HH26

B4DH5  B4DH6  B4DH7  B4DH8  B4DH9  B4DH10  B4DH11  B4DH12  B4DH13  B4DH14  B4DH15  B4DH16  B4DH17  B4DH18  B4DH19  B4DH20  B4DH21  B4DH22  B4DH23  B4DH24  B4DH25  B4DH26

H2SV4  H2SV5  H2SV6  H2SV7  H2SV8  H2SV9  H2SV10  H2SV11  H2SV12  H2SV13  H2SV14  H2SV15  H2SV16  H2SV17  H2SV18  H2SV19  H2SV20  H2SV21  H2SV22

H2HV4  H2HV5  H2HV6  H2HV7  H2HV8  H2HV9  H2HV10  H2HV11  H2HV12  H2HV13  H2HV14  H2HV15  H2HV16  H2HV17  H2HV18  H2HV19  H2HV20  H2HV21  H2HV22

H2DV4  H2DV5  H2DV6  H2DV7  H2DV8  H2DV9  H2DV10  H2DV11  H2DV12  H2DV13  H2DV14  H2DV15  H2DV16  H2DV17  H2DV18  H2DV19  H2DV20  H2DV21  H2DV22

H3SV5  H3SV6  H3SV7  H3SV8  H3SV9  H3SV10  H3SV11  H3SV12  H3SV13  H3SV14  H3SV15  H3SV16  H3SV17  H3SV18  H3SV19  H3SV20  H3SV21  H3SV22

H3HV5  H3HV6  H3HV7  H3HV8  H3HV9  H3HV10  H3HV11  H3HV12  H3HV13  H3HV14  H3HV15  H3HV16  H3HV17  H3HV18  H3HV19  H3HV20  H3HV21  H3HV22

H3DV5  H3DV6  H3DV7  H3DV8  H3DV9  H3DV10  H3DV11  H3DV12  H3DV13  H3DV14  H3DV15  H3DV16  H3DV17  H3DV18  H3DV19  H3DV20  H3DV21  H3DV22

H4SV7  H4SV8  H4SV9  H4SV10  H4SV11  H4SV12  H4SV13  H4SV14  H4SV15  H4SV16  H4SV17  H4SV18  H4SV19  H4SV20  H4SV21  H4SV22

H4HV7  H4HV8  H4HV9  H4HV10  H4HV11  H4HV12  H4HV13  H4HV14  H4HV15  H4HV16  H4HV17  H4HV18  H4HV19  H4HV20  H4HV21  H4HV22

H4DV7  H4DV8  H4DV9  H4DV10  H4DV11  H4DV12  H4DV13  H4DV14  H4DV15  H4DV16  H4DV17  H4DV18  H4DV19  H4DV20  H4DV21  H4DV22

B2SV4  B2SV5  B2SV6  B2SV7  B2SV8  B2SV9  B2SV10  B2SV11  B2SV12  B2SV13  B2SV14  B2SV15  B2SV16  B2SV17  B2SV18

B2HV4  B2HV5  B2HV6  B2HV7  B2HV8  B2HV9  B2HV10  B2HV11  B2HV12  B2HV13  B2HV14  B2HV15  B2HV16  B2HV17  B2HV18

B2DV4  B2DV5  B2DV6  B2DV7  B2DV8  B2DV9  B2DV10  B2DV11  B2DV12  B2DV13  B2DV14  B2DV15  B2DV16  B2DV17  B2DV18

B3SV4  B3SV5  B3SV6  B3SV7  B3SV8  B3SV9  B3SV10  B3SV11  B3SV12  B3SV13  B3SV14  B3SV15  B3SV16  B3SV17  B3SV18

B3HV4  B3HV5  B3HV6  B3HV7  B3HV8  B3HV9  B3HV10  B3HV11  B3HV12  B3HV13  B3HV14  B3HV15  B3HV16  B3HV17  B3HV18

B3DV4  B3DV5  B3DV6  B3DV7  B3DV8  B3DV9  B3DV10  B3DV11  B3DV12  B3DV13  B3DV14  B3DV15  B3DV16  B3DV17  B3DV18

B4SV5  B4SV6  B4SV7  B4SV8  B4SV9  B4SV10  B4SV11  B4SV12  B4SV13  B4SV14  B4SV15  B4SV16  B4SV17  B4SV18  B4SV19  B4SV20  B4SV21  B4SV22

B4SV5  B4SV6  B4HV7  B4HV8  B4HV9  B4HV10  B4HV11  B4HV12  B4HV13  B4HV14  B4HV15  B4HV16  B4HV17  B4HV18  B4HV19  B4HV20  B4HV21  B4HV22

B4SV5  B4SV6  B4DV7  B4DV8  B4DV9  B4DV10  B4DV11  B4DV12  B4DV13  B4DV14  B4DV15  B4DV16  B4DV17  B4DV18  B4DV19  B4DV20  B4DV21  B4DV22

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HB details page supplement 3.jpg

Parameter 3.png

Parameter 4.png


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