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How to reduce the noise of reducer

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The problem of high noise of reducer has always been an inevitable problem of many mechanical equipment. The noise is caused by the operation of mechanical equipment and is inevitable. Therefore, noise has always been a "unsolvable" problem. However, although the noise is inevitable, we can try our best to reduce the noise. Next, the reducer manufacturer will introduce:

For the standard reducer, the manufacturing accuracy of the gear determines its noise value. The main function of reducer gear is to transmit speed and torque. Therefore, the requirements of gear manufacturing accuracy and the stability of its work are the main concerns. Gears with high working stability not only have long service life, but also have much less impact and vibration in transmission, so the noise is less.

In addition, the working stability accuracy of the gear is also required to limit the change of the instantaneous speed ratio of the gear. The error is the rotation angle error that occurs many times per revolution of the gear. It causes the gear to collide and vibrate in the meshing process, resulting in the noise of the gear, which is a high-frequency impact sound. For a gear, the factors that affect the working stability are its base pitch error and its involute profile error.

The motion accuracy of the gear refers to the accuracy of the transmission motion, that is, the maximum error value of the rotation angle error of the gear per revolution cannot exceed a certain limit. Since the motion accuracy of the gear is a large periodic error, the accumulated error of the circumferential pitch within one rotation of the gear due to the radial runout of the gear ring will generate low-frequency noise. However, if the accumulated error of the circumferential pitch increases, the gear meshing impact and angular velocity change will be caused. At this time, the noise will obviously increase and a rumble will be made.


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