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SA87 / SAF87 / SAZ87 ... Helical gear worm gear reducer (no motor)

  • SA87 / SAF87 / SAZ87

  • $ 603

  • 10

  • 30 days (1-100 pieces)

  • 50 pieces

  • 30 days (800 pieces)

  • wire transfer

  • Standard export plywood box

  • Ningbo / Shanghai Port

  • One year

  • WGT

  • Zhejiang, China


S87 / SA87 / SF87 / SAF87 / SAZ87 / SS87 / SAS87 / SFS87 / SAFS87 / helical gear worm gear reducer (no motor) series worm gear reducer has the usual characteristics, using the form of helical gear worm gear, making the structure more reasonable , Not only makes the transmission efficiency and load capacity higher than the single-stage worm gear transmission, but also reduces the space occupation in the structural layout, and at the same time can obtain a larger transmission ratio under similar volume conditions. It is more conducive to equipment configuration. The machine can be used in combination with various speed reductions and gearboxes to meet different usage requirements.

product description            

High modular design, with independent intellectual property rights.
The German worm gear is used to process the worm gear.
Through special gear geometry, it has high torque, high efficiency and long life cycle.
It can realize the direct combination of two sets of gearboxes.
Installation method: foot installation, flange installation, torque arm installation.
Output shaft: solid shaft, hollow shaft.

Main application industries                  

Food light industry, electrical machinery, construction machinery, metallurgical machinery,

Cement machinery, environmental protection machinery, electronic appliances, road construction machinery,

Water conservancy machinery, chemical machinery, mining machinery, transportation machinery,

Building materials machinery, rubber machinery, petroleum machinery and other industries

Technical data            
Shell material             Cast iron / ductile iron            
Shell hardness             HBS190-240            
Gear material             20CrMnTi alloy steel            
Gear surface hardness             HRC58 ° ~ 62 °            
Gear core hardness             HRC33 ~ 40            
Input / output shaft material             42CrMo alloy steel            
Input / output shaft hardness             HRC25 ~ 30            
Gear machining accuracy             Precision grinding, level 6 ~ 5            
lubricating oil             GB L-CKC220-460, Shell withstand voltage 220-460            
Heat treatment             Tempering, carburizing, quenching, etc.            
effectiveness             94% ~ 96% (depending on the transmission stage)            
Noise (maximum)             60 ~ 68dB            
Temperature rise (maximum)             40 °C          
Temperature rise (oil) (maximum)             50° C          
vibration             ≤20µm            
Recoil             ≤20Arcmin            
Bearing brand             Chinese brand bearings, HRB / LYC / ZWZ / C & U. Or other brands requested, SKF, FAG, INA, NSK            
Oil seal brand             NAK --- Taiwan or other brand requirements            

Shaft diameter (mm)
Solid hollow

Center height



Power (kw) Speed ratio Allowable torque (N.m Weight (kg)
φ20k6 φ20h7 82 φ120 / 160 0.18-0.75 10.27-165.71 90 7


100 φ160 0.18-1.50 11.46-244.74
170 10
57 φ30k6 φ30h7 / 35h7 180 φ200 0.18-3.0 10.78-196.21 300 14
67 φ35k6 φ40h7 / 45h7 140 φ200 0.25-5.50 11.55-227.20 520 26
77 φ45k6 φ50h7 / 60h7 180 φ250 0.55-7.50 9.96-241.09 1270 50
87 φ60m6 φ60h7 / 70h7 225 φ350 0.75-15.0 11.83-223.26 2280 100
97 φ70m6 φ70h7 / 90h7 280 φ450 1.50-22.0 12.5-230.48 4000 170

S series reducer has the following models:

S37  S47  S57  S67  S77  S87  S97

SA37  SA47  SA57  SA67  SA77  SA87  SA97

SF37  SF47  SF57  SF67  SF77  SF87  SF97

SAF37  SAF47  SAF57  SAF67  SAF77  SAF87  SAF97

SAT37  SAT47  SAT57  SAT67  SAT77  SAT87  SAT97

SAZ37  SAZ47  SAZ57  SAZ67  SAZ77  SAZ87  SAZ97


Parameter 4.png


Parameter 4.png

R series details page 6.jpg

R series details page 7.jpg

RSKF internal structure drawing.jpg


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