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ZLYJ plastic extruder 420/560/630

  • ZLYJ plastic extruder 420/560/630

  • $ 500 ~ $ 5000

  • 10

  • 30 days (1-100 pieces)

  • 50 pieces

  • 30 days (100 pieces)

  • wire transfer

  • Standard export plywood box

  • Ningbo / Shanghai Port

  • One year

  • WGT

  • Zhejiang, China



ZLYJ series reducer is a high-precision hard tooth surface with thrust seat designed for the plastic screw extruder. The product design adopts the technical scope specified by JB / T8853-2001, which is characterized by gears and shafts. The parts are made of high-strength alloy steel, the gears are processed by carburizing, quenching, and gear grinding. The gear precision is GB10095-88, level 6, the tooth surface hardness is HRC54-62, and the oversize thrust bearings are arranged at the front end of the hollow output shaft To withstand the working recoil of the screw, the main standard parts such as bearings and oil seals are made of domestic high-quality products, and imported products can also be equipped according to user needs. The whole machine has the characteristics of small size, high carrying capacity, smooth transmission, low noise and high efficiency. The product performance has reached the international advanced level and can replace the same type of imported products.

Product models are: ZLYJ112 / ZLYJ112 / ZLYJ133 / ZLYJ146 / ZLYJ173 / ZLYJ200 / ZLYJ225 / ZLYJ250 / ZLYJ280 /

ZLYJ315 / ZLYJ330 / 375 / ZLYJ420 / ZLYJ450 / ZLYJ630 / ZSYJ450 / ZSYJ560 / ZSYJ630

Details page

ZLY Hardened Tooth Surface Gearbox has the following models:

ZLY112  ZLY125  ZLY140  ZLY160  ZLY180  ZLY200  ZLY224  ZLY250  ZLY280  ZLY315  ZLY355  ZLY400  ZLY450  ZLY500  ZLY560  ZLY630  ZLY710

ZLYJ112  ZLYJ133  ZLYJ146  ZLYJ173  ZLYJ180  ZLYJ200  ZLYJ225  ZLYJ250  ZLYJ280  ZLYJ315  ZLYJ330  ZLYJ375  ZLYJ395  ZLYJ420  ZLYJ450  ZLYJ475  ZLYJ560  ZLYJ630

ZSY Hardened Tooth Surface Gearbox has the following models:

ZSY160  ZSY180  ZSY200  ZSY224  ZSY250  ZSY280  ZSY315  ZSY355  ZSY400  ZSY450  ZSY500  ZSY560  ZSY630  ZSY710

ZDY Hardened Tooth Surface Gearbox has the following models:

ZDY80  ZDY100  ZDY125  ZDY160  ZDY200  ZDY250  ZDY280  ZDY315  ZDY355  ZDY400  ZDY450  ZDY500  ZDY560

ZFY Hardened Tooth Surface Gearbox has the following models:

ZFY180  ZFY200  ZFY224  ZFY250  ZFY280  ZFY315  ZFY355  ZFY400  ZFY450  ZFY500  ZFY560  ZFY630  ZFY710

DBY Hardened Tooth Surface Gearbox has the following models:

DBY160  DBY180  DBY200  DBY224  DBY250  DBY280  DBY315  DBY355  DBY400  DBY450  DBY500  DBY560

DCY Hardened Tooth Surface Gearbox has the following models:

DCY160  DCY180  DCY200  DCY224  DCY250  DCY280  DCY315  DCY355  DCY400  DCY450  DCY500  DCY560  DCY630  DCY710  DCY800

DFY Hardened Tooth Surface Gearbox has the following models:

DFY160  DFY180  DFY200  DFY224  DFY250  DFY280  DFY315  DFY355  DFY400  DFY450  DFY500  DFY560  DFY630  DFY710  DFY800







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