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ZQ 250 mining machinery reducer-ZQ gearbox

  • ZQ gearbox

  • $ 200 ~ $ 3000

  • 1 item

  • 30 days (1-300 pieces)

  • 10

  • 30 days (300 pieces)

  • wire transfer

  • Standard export plywood box

  • Ningbo / Shanghai Port

  • One year

  • WGT

  • Zhejiang, China


ZQ JZQ cylindrical gear reducer
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Cylindrical gear reducer is widely used in metallurgical equipment, mining equipment, automation equipment, food machinery, packaging equipment, tobacco equipment, etc.

ZQ cylindrical gear reducer

ZQ cylindrical gear reducer is a three-stage transmission of involute cylindrical gear reducer. It is mainly used for deceleration drive of various mechanical equipment such as mining, metallurgy, cement, construction, chemical industry, light industry, etc. It is suitable for occasions where the workplace is limited The vertical installation is adopted by the structure, the high-speed spindle speed does not exceed 1500 r / min, the working environment is + 40 ° C and 40 ° C-, and it can run in positive and negative.

main feature

1. The gears are made of high-strength low-carbon alloy steel and carburized and quenched. The hardness of the tooth surface is HRC58-62. The gears are all CNC grinded with high precision and good contact.

2. High transmission rate: single-level greater than 96.5%, dual-level greater than 93%, third-level greater than 90%.

3. Stable operation and low noise.

4. Small size, light weight, long service life and high carrying capacity.

5. Easy to disassemble and install.

R series details page 7.jpg

ZQ testing equipment.jpg

ZQ Packaging.jpg

Parameter 0.png

Soft tooth surface cylindrical gear reducer series:

ZQ-250  ZQ-350  ZQ-400  ZQ-500  ZQ-650  ZQ-750  ZQ-850  ZQ-1000

ZD10  ZD15  ZD20  ZD25  ZD30  ZD35  ZD40  ZD45  ZD50  ZD60  ZD70

ZDH10  ZDH15  ZDH20  ZDH25  ZDH30  ZDH35  ZDH40  ZDH45  ZDH50  ZDH60  ZDH70

ZL25  ZL35  ZL42.5  ZL50  ZL60  ZL65  ZL75  ZL85  ZL100  ZL115  ZL130

ZLH25  ZLH35  ZLH42.5  ZLH50  ZLH60  ZLH65  ZLH75  ZLH85  ZLH100  ZLH115  ZLH130

ZS50  ZS65  ZS75  ZS82.5  ZS95  ZS110  ZS125  ZS145  ZS165

ZSH50  ZSH65  ZSH75  ZSH82.5  ZSH95  ZSH110  ZSH125  ZSH145  ZSH165

ZSC(A)320  ZSC(A)400  ZSC(A)500  ZSC(A)600  ZSC(A)650  ZSC(A)800

ZSC350  ZSC400  ZSC600  ZSC750

ZQD350  ZQD400  ZQD500  ZQD650  ZQD850  ZQD1000

ZSC400+75.8  ZSC600+125  ZSC400+75.8

Medium hard surface cylindrical gear reducer series:

ZQA250  ZQA350  ZQA400  ZQA500  ZQA650  ZQA750  ZQA850  ZQA1000

QJ-L140  QJ-L170  QJ-L200  QJ-L236  QJ-L280  QJ-L335  QJ-L400

QJ-T140  QJ-T170  QJ-T200  QJ-T236  QJ-T280  QJ-T335  QJ-T400

ZDZ80  ZDZ100  ZDZ125  ZDZ160  ZDZ200  ZDZ250  ZDZ280  ZDZ315  ZDZ355  ZDZ400  ZDZ450  ZDZ500  ZDZ560

ZLZ112  ZLZ125  ZLZ140  ZLZ160  ZLZ180  ZLZ200  ZLZ224  ZLZ250  ZLZ280  ZLZ315  ZLZ355  ZLZ400  ZLZ450  ZLZ500  ZLZ560  ZLZ630  ZLZ710

ZSZ160  ZSZ180  ZSZ200  ZSZ224  ZSZ250  ZSZ280  ZSZ315  ZSZ355  ZSZ400  ZSZ450  ZSZ500  ZSZ560  ZSZ630  ZSZ710

DBZ160  DBZ180  DBZ200  DBZ224  DBZ250  DBZ280  DBZ315  DBZ355  DBZ400  DBZ450  DBZ500  DBZ560

DCZ160  DCZ180  DCZ200  DCZ224  DCZ250  DCZ280  DCZ315  DCZ355  DCZ400  DCZ450  DCZ500  DCZ560  DCZ630  DCZ710  DCZ800

ZQ parameter A.png


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