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Oiling method of gear reducer

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The application of lubricating oil is essential in mechanical equipment, and gear reducer is no exception. It can reduce the friction of parts between equipment and improve the working efficiency of equipment. However, if it is not filled according to the regulations, it will also cause certain damage.

1. For the gear box without smooth groove, the bearing shall be greased during assembly, and the oil shall be squeezed from one side of the gear reducer bearing and the other side by hand.

2. When the person in charge of the task confirms that the cylindrical gear reducer is clean and free of foreign matters, apply sealant on the connecting surface in a linear form. Then immediately cover the clean box cover, install the locating pin, correct the position of the upper cover, and then tighten all bolts symmetrically and with balanced force.

3. Participate in the smooth oil with qualified quality and meeting the requirements.

During normal use, the oil in the gear reducer shall be kept sufficient, the oil quantity shall be checked at any time, and the oil shall be replenished at any time. Only when the oil quantity is sufficient can the gear reducer be operated for a long time, so as to improve the operation efficiency of the machine.

The above is the relevant information brought by the editor of the fluid exhibition. If you are interested, you can come to the exhibition site to learn more about the industry.


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