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Transmission characteristics of double enveloping worm gear reducer

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Transmission characteristics of double enveloping worm gear reducer

1. The worm is a toroidal worm, the number of teeth meshed with the worm gear increases at the same time, the axial tooth profile of the worm is arc distributed, and the number of simultaneous contact teeth: 3-7 teeth.

2. The machining process is completely consistent with the forming process, which can reliably ensure the manufacturing accuracy and the theoretical state of meshing. The tooth surface of the worm is formed by accurate grinding after hardening treatment. The tooth surface hardness and surface roughness grade can be improved to achieve high tooth profile accuracy. The worm tooth surface is precisely ground after hardening treatment. The tooth surface hardness: HRC ≥ 50, roughness Ra ≤ 0.8.

3. The tooth surface contact area is large, and there is instantaneous double line contact. The total length of the contact line is lengthened, and the tooth surface contact area is greater than 70%. There are two contact lines on the worm gear tooth surface at the same time from both ends to the middle along the tooth width direction, and the included angle between the contact line and the relative speed direction is close to 90 degrees.

4. The tooth surface lubrication angle is large, and the dynamic pressure oil is easy to form in meshing. The tooth surface lubrication angle is large, and the formation and retention of dynamic pressure oil film are good.

5. Planar double enveloping hourglass worm drive is an advanced heavy-duty transmission device. It has excellent characteristics such as large bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency and long service life. It is a good choice to replace other worm drives.


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