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YVP gearbox three-phase AC motor

  • YVP gearbox three-phase AC motor

  • $ 30 ~ $ 3000

  • 10 tablets

  • 3 days (1-100 pieces)

  • 50 tablets

  • 30 days (3000 tablets)

  • wire transfer

  • Standard export plywood box

  • Ningbo / Shanghai Port

  • One year

  • WGT

  • Zhejiang, China


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YE2 series asynchronous motor 3-phase motor

1. High-quality cold-rolled silicon steel plate, national standard copper wire, low temperature rise, environmental protection and durability.

2. Stainless steel rotor, intelligent processing

3. Chinese famous brand, people-oriented bearing

4. Widely used in general occasions without flammable, explosive or corrosive gases, and mechanical equipment without special needs, such as metal cutting machines, pumps, fans, transportation machinery, mixers, agricultural machinery and food machinery

Ambient temperature: -15 degrees Celsius ~ 40 degrees Celsius

Altitude: no more than 1000 meters

Voltage: 220 / 380V 380 / 660V 230 / 400V 400 / 690V 440V

Rated power: 50HZ, 60HZ

Connection: The rated power is 3KW, and the following motors are connected. The rated power is 4KW and the motor is delta connected.

Working system: Continuous working system (S1)

Protection level: IP54 / IP55

Insulation class: Class F

Seat center height: 80mm-400mm

Product weight: 70Kg-700Kg

Y2 series reducer has the following models:

Y2-631-4-0.12KW  Y2-632-4-0.18KW  Y2-711-4-0.25KW  Y2-712-4-0.37KW  Y2-801-4-0.55KW  Y2-802-4-0.75KW  Y2-90S-4-1.1KW  Y2-90L-4-1.5KW  Y2-100L1-4-2.2KW  Y2-100L2-4-3KW  Y2-112M-4-4KW  Y2-132S-4-5.5KW  Y2-132M-4-7.5KW  Y2-160M-4-11KW  Y2-160L-4-15KW  Y2-180M-4-18.5KW  Y2-180L-4-22KW Y2- 200L-4-30KW  Y2-225S-4-37KW  Y2-225M-4-45KW  Y2-250M-4-55KW  Y2-280S-4-75KW  Y2-280M-4-90KW

YVP series reducer has the following models:

YVP-631-4-0.12KW  YVP-632-4-0.18KW  YVP-711-4-0.25KW  YVP-712-4-0.37KW  YVP-801-4-0.55KW  YVP-802-4-0.75KW  YVP-90S-4-1.1KW  YVP-90L-4-1.5KW  YVP-100L1-4-2.2KW  YVP-100L2-4-3KW  YVP-112M-4-4KW  YVP-132S-4-5.5KW  YVP-132M-4-7.5KW  YVP-160M-4-11KW  YVP-160L-4-15KW  YVP-180M-4-18.5KW  YVP-180L-4-22KW  YVP-200L-4-30KW  YVP-225S-4-37KW  YVP-225M-4-45KW  YVP-250M-4-55KW  YVP-280S-4-75KW  YVP-280M-4-90KW

YEJ series reducer has the following models:

YEJ-631-4-0.12KW  YEJ-632-4-0.18KW  YEJ-711-4-0.25KW  YEJ-712-4-0.37KW  YEJ-801-4-0.55KW  YEJ-802-4-0.75KW  YEJ-90S-4-1.1KW  YEJ-90L-4-1.5KW  YEJ-100L1-4-2.2KW  YEJ-100L2-4-3KW  YEJ-112M-4-4KW  YEJ-132S-4-5.5KW  YEJ-132M-4-7.5KW  YEJ-160M-4-11KW  YEJ-160L-4-15KW  YEJ-180M-4-18.5KW  YEJ-180L-4-22KW  YEJ-200L-4-30KW  YEJ-225S-4-37KW  YEJ-225M-4-45KW  YEJ-250M-4-55KW  YEJ-280S-4-75KW  YEJ-280M-4-90KW

YVPEJ series reducer has the following models:

YVPEJ-631-4-0.12KW  YVPEJ-632-4-0.18KW  YVPEJ-711-4-0.25KW  YVPEJ-712-4-0.37KW  YVPEJ-801-4-0.55KW  YVPEJ-802-4-0.75KW  YVPEJ-90S-4-1.1KW  YVPEJ-90L-4-1.5KW  YVPEJ-100L1-4-2.2KW  YVPEJ-100L2-4-3KW  YVPEJ-112M-4-4KW  YVPEJ-132S-4-5.5KW  YVPEJ-132M-4-7.5KW  YVPEJ-160M-4-11KW  YVPEJ-160L-4-15KW  YVPEJ-180M-4-18.5KW  YVPEJ-180L-4-22KW  YVPEJ-200L-4-30KW  YVPEJ-225S-4-37KW  YVPEJ-225M-4-45KW  YVPEJ-250M-4-55KW  YVPEJ-280S-4-75KW  YVPEJ-280M-4-90KW

YB2 series reducer has the following models:

YB2-631-4-0.12KW  YB2-632-4-0.18KW  YB2-711-4-0.25KW  YB2-712-4-0.37KW  YB2-801-4-0.55KW  YB2-802-4-0.75KW  YB2-90S-4-1.1KW  YB2-90L-4-1.5KW  YB2-100L1-4-2.2KW  YB2-100L2-4-3KW  YB2-112M-4-4KW  YB2-132S-4-5.5KW  YB2-132M-4-7.5KW  YB2-160M-4-11KW  YB2-160L-4-15KW  YB2-180M-4-18.5KW  YB2-180L-4-22KW  YB2-200L-4-30KW  YB2-225S-4-37KW  YB2-225M-4-45KW  YB2-250M-4-55KW  YB2-280S-4-75KW  YB2-280M-4-90KW

YE2 series reducer has the following models:

YE2-631-4-0.12KW  YE2-632-4-0.18KW  YE2-711-4-0.25KW  YE2-712-4-0.37KW  YE2-801-4-0.55KW  YE2-802-4-0.75KW  YE2-90S-4-1.1KW  YE2-90L-4-1.5KW  YE2-100L1-4-2.2KW  YE2-100L2-4-3KW  YE2-112M-4-4KW  YE2-132S-4-5.5KW  YE2-132M-4-7.5KW  YE2-160M-4-11KW  YE2-160L-4-15KW  YE2-180M-4-18.5KW  YE2-180L-4-22KW YE2- 200L-4-30KW  YE2-225S-4-37KW  YE2-225M-4-45KW  YE2-250M-4-55KW  YE2-280S-4-75KW  YE2-280M-4-90KW

YE3 series reducer has the following models:

YE3-631-4-0.12KW  YE3-632-4-0.18KW  YE3-711-4-0.25KW  YE3-712-4-0.37KW  YE3-801-4-0.55KW  YE3-802-4-0.75KW  YE3-90S-4-1.1KW  YE3-90L-4-1.5KW  YE3-100L1-4-2.2KW  YE3-100L2-4-3KW  YE3-112M-4-4KW  YE3-132S-4-5.5KW  YE3-132M-4-7.5KW  YE3-160M-4-11KW  YE3-160L-4-15KW  YE3-180M-4-18.5KW  YE3-180L-4-22KW  YE3-200L-4-30KW  YE3-225S-4-37KW  YE3-225M-4-45KW  YE3-250M-4-55KW  YE3-280S-4-75KW  YE3-280M-4-90KW


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