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Characteristics and operation of planetary reducer and planetary reducer

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Characteristics and operation of planetary reducer and planetary reducer

Characteristics and operation of planetary reducer and planetary reducer
The main transmission structure of planetary reducer is: planetary gear, sun gear and outer gear ring. Due to structural reasons, the minimum single-stage deceleration of planetary reducer is 3 and the maximum is generally no more than 10. The common reduction ratio is The number of reducer stages is generally no more than 3, but some customized reducers with large reduction ratio have 4-stage deceleration
Compared with other reducers, planetary reducers have the characteristics of high rigidity, high precision (within 1 point in a single stage), high transmission efficiency (97% - 98% in a single stage), high torque / volume ratio, lifelong maintenance free, etc
Because of these characteristics, most planetary reducers are installed on stepping motors and servo motors to reduce speed, improve torque and match inertia. What should we pay attention to in the process of using?
1. The maximum rated input speed of the reducer can reach more than 18000rpm (related to the size of the reducer itself. The larger the reducer, the smaller the rated input speed). The output torque of the industrial planetary reducer generally does not exceed 2000Nm, and the special Super torque planetary reducer can reach more than 10000nm. The working temperature is generally about - 25 ℃ to 100 ℃, and its working temperature can be changed by changing the grease.
2. Several concepts of planetary reducer: stage: number of sets of planetary gear [planetary gear: planetary gear]. Since a set of star gears cannot meet the larger transmission ratio, sometimes two or three sets are required to meet the requirements of supporting larger transmission ratio. Due to the increase of the number of star gears, the length of stage 2 or 3 reducer will increase and the efficiency will decrease.
3. Return clearance: when the output end is fixed and the input end rotates clockwise and counterclockwise to produce the rated torque + - 2% torque at the input end, there is a small angular displacement at the input end of the reducer, which is the return clearance. The unit is "minute", which is one sixtieth of a degree. It is also called back clearance.
4. Planetary reducer is an industrial product with a wide range of uses. Its performance is comparable to that of other military reducer products, but it has the price of industrial products and is used in a wide range of industrial occasions.
5. The reducer has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high bearing capacity, long service life, stable operation and low noise. It has the characteristics of power split and multi tooth meshing. The maximum input power can reach 104kw. It is applicable to WGN fixed shaft transmission reducer, WN sub parent gear transmission reducer and elastic load small tooth difference reducer of new planetary Series in industrial departments such as lifting and transportation, engineering machinery, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical industry, construction machinery, light industry and textile, medical instruments, instruments, automobiles, ships, weapons and aerospace.
6. Planetary reducer is a new reducer with wide universality. The internal gears are carburized, Quenched and ground by 20cvmnt. The whole machine has the characteristics of small structural size, large output torque, low speed ratio, high efficiency, safe and reliable performance. The machine is mainly used for the slewing mechanism of tower crane, and can also be used as a supporting part in hoisting, excavation, transportation, construction and other industries.


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