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Matching essentials of electric roller and reducer

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Matching essentials of electric roller and reducer

The electric roller is a new type of driving device which put the motor and reducer together in the roller body. It is mainly used in fixed and mobile belt conveyor, instead of the traditional motor, reducer in the drive drum outside the separate drive device.

The electric roller has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, low noise, long service life and stable operation, which are inseparable from its electrical connection.

1. Wiring diagram shall be provided with the electric roller.

2. Electric roller must be equipped with motor protection switch or relay.

3. If the electric roller is overheated, the thermal protector will be disconnected. To provide the best thermal protection for the motor, it should be connected to the relay or contactor. The protection device shall be adjusted according to the specific parameters of the current motor and checked frequently.

4. The electric roller can be connected to the frequency converter. When connecting the frequency converter, the frequency resonance of the conductor shall be avoided to produce voltage oscillation to the motor. If the wire is too long, it may cause frequency resonance between the frequency converter, the wire and the motor. There are two ways to eliminate the possible frequency resonance: limit the length of the wire (the length of the wire recommended by many inverter manufacturers is not more than 10 meters);

5. The wiring of the electric roller must be completed by professional electricians. Follow the electrical standards and connect the electric roller to the correct main power supply according to the connection instructions.

6. Before starting the electric roller, make sure that the electric roller wiring is correct, the power supply is connected correctly, and that the electric roller and the belt can rotate freely.

7. When the electric roller works for more than 8 hours every day, the electric power shall be increased by one gear;

8. When the electric roller starts frequently, the electric power shall be increased by one gear;

9. The electric power of the electric roller covered with glue shall be increased by one gear.

Its use range is very wide, applicable to various occasions, including muddy and wet places. According to the different use environment, as consumers, when we purchase products, we must first consider its electric power. In the working process of the electric roller, we make the right choice for its use power.

Under normal circumstances, the electric roller shall be repaired once a year. The contents are as follows: drain the lubricating oil in the drum through the oil drain hole on the left end cover of the drum, disassemble the drum, and clean the internal parts and the inner wall of the drum. Inject sufficient calcium sodium base lubricating grease into each bearing to replace each sealing ring and oil seal on the motor and cylinder body. The replaced sealing ring and oil seal must be intact, smooth, free of small bulges and depressions, and free of wrinkles. The material of the bearing, backstop and gear must be checked for wear with oil resistant rubber. If not, replace them and inject new ones into the cylinder. Hu-30 turbine oil or 150 synthetic hydraulic industrial gear oil made in China, and make the liquid level reach 1 / 3 of the drum diameter, check that the rotor of the drum motor should be flexible, and there should be no collision sound inside the motor, clean and free of sundries.

The iron core and Journal of the motor shall be free of scars and rust. The insulation layer of the winding shall be intact and the binding wire shall not be loose. The stator slot wedge shall be free of fracture, bulge and looseness, and the slot wedge at the end shall be firmly strained. The motor winding shall be connected correctly, the outgoing line nose of the well welded motor shall be well welded or buttressed, the number shall be complete, and the electrical clearance of the exposed live part shall conform to the provisions of the product standard. There is no crack on the terminal block, and its mechanical strength and toughness meet the requirements. The insulation resistance of the motor winding to the shell and between phases shall meet the requirements, otherwise, it shall be soaked with paint and baked.

When the three-phase power supply is balanced, the deviation (absolute value) between any phase current of the three-phase no-load current of the motor and the three-phase average value is smaller than 10% of the average value. When the motor is in no-load operation, the current is less than 40% of its rated current, and the vibration value when the motor is in operation meets the national standard. When the maximum temperature of the ambient air is 40 degrees, the temperature rise limit of each insulation level (measured by resistance method) at this stage, the insulation level of the electric roller motor used has been upgraded to level F.


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